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Информация о вакансии

An admission for the academic positions (except for deans of faculties and heads of departments) is conducted according to the results of a competitive selection.

 A competitive selection of the candidates for the pedagogical position is made from those candidates (from both the University and non-University staff) who applied for the participation in the competition on replacement of the pedagogical positions as well as from the University staff who applied for the participation in the competition and carried out an individual professional development plan within the framework of implementation of the development programme of strategic professional resources.

 To the application should be submitted the following:

-       Information on personal activities of a candidate;

-       The Copies of the documents confirming qualification requirements of the candidate (certifications of education, scientific degrees and titles);

-       A list of scientific and methodological and teaching papers


The candidate also may submit the additional documents confirming information and characterizing her/his labour activities as:

-       The list of scientific works by section (monographs and chapters in monographs, articles in the Collections of Scientific Papers and science periodicals, patents (certifications), publications in the materials of scientific activities, publications in the registered scientific electronic publications and etc.);

-       The titles of the published educational publications or the educational publications in preparing of which the candidate took part;

-       The list of the  educational and methodological manuals, curriculums, working schedules of training courses, disciplines, control and testing materials, electronic education resources in developing which the candidate took part;

-       Information on teaching load including the supervision of term paper and graduate thesis projects, practical works, scientific supervision of post-graduate students, consultation of doctoral students;

-       The list of the grants, contracts and agreements on research and development works in carrying out of which she/he took part indicating her/his specific role;

-       Information on a personal involvement in the scientific activities (congresses, conferences, symposia and other scientific activities) indicating the status of the report (invited, plenary, sectional, poster) and the levels of the activities (international, all-Russian, regional);

-       Information on the participation in the editorial boards of scientific and pedagogical periodicals;

-       Information on the prizes and awards for scientific and pedagogical activities;

-       Information on advanced trainings;

-       The copies of the documents on the additional professional competences.


Requirements to the position

  • Higher professional educations;
  • Scientific degree «Candidate (doctor) of Science», «PhD»;

Требования к вакансии

  • Higher professional educations;
  • Scientific degree «Candidate (doctor) of Science», «PhD»;
  • Experience of scientific and pedagogical work