Дата публикации: 3 October Y г. 14:27

Информация о вакансии

Team leader: Andrew Zvyagin,


The following projects are offered:

-          Design, fabrication and application of scaffolds derived from natural biopolymers for tissue engineering.

-          Development of multilayer polymer containers for intracellular delivery of low molecular-weight compounds.×          PhD in physics of nanosystems, engineering, physical chemistry, biophysics, biotechnology.

×          Non-Russian citizenship (Russian citizenship is acceptable provided a relevant Ph.D. degree is obtained at a leading international school or university).

×          Postdoctoral work experience: not less than 5 years, or equivalent track record of achievements.

×          Experience in methods of formation of micro- and nanoscale objects, spectroscopy, photon technologies, physical chemistry of polymers, colloid systems, nanostructured systems and/or related fields.  Experience in the life science disciplines is very desirable.

×          Publications: at least five in journals with journal impact factor of 2.5 or higher, in the past five years.

×          H-index (Scopus): at least 4.

×          Scientific and personnel management experience of the successful candidate is considered favourably.

×          Pro-active attitude and ambitions to achieve are strongly encouraged in a vibrant environment of well-equipped, one of the leading biomedical centres in Russia.